2014 Ramadan – Android App

Important Notes …

  • To modify the date, adjust the settings of the day.
  • Set Altoaqat correctly and the dimensions of the suspicions do the following:
    1. Select your place via Wifi If an error occurs and if there is an IO Exception for a select place manually.
    2. Go to Settings, choose the option “Pray Time Preferences”.
      1. If you are of the following areas of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, parts of Europe, “Choose Karachi”.
      2. If you are from the following regions of Canada, parts of America, parts of  UK., “Select North America (ISNA)”.
      3. If you are from the following regions of Europe, Palestine, the Far East, parts of America, Select “MWL”.
      4. If you are from the Arabian PeninsulaSelect Makkah”
      5. If you’re from Africa, Syria, Iraq, Malaysia, parts of America, “Select Egypt”.
    3. if not of the correct dates of prayer is what I did in Step 3
    4. I do step 4 until you find the correct dates.

The application under test :

  • Prayer Times, with the possibility of knowing the time of prayer at a specific time,
  • Are now positioning via the Internet or manually.
  • Change the time of a summer or winter as needed.
  • Change the method of calculating prayers.

“Important ! … alarm clock in Demo mode”

  • Alarm for the morning meal.
  • Can be set with the tone of your choice.

Design is light and clear.